Entry fee


Section Indian Entrant Foreign Entrant
Any One Section Rs 600 $15
Any Two Section Rs 1,000 $25
Any Three Section Rs 1,300 $35
For All Section Rs 1,600 $45

For Foreign Entrants:

Entry fees have to be sent online through PAYPAL only
(Email ID for PayPal: payment.vintage@gmail.com)
paypal logo

For Indian Entrants:

For INDIAN Entrants, Entry fee
shall be paid by online only.

Link given below as per section wise:

Rs 600 - Make Payment
Rs 1,000 - Make Payment
Rs 1,300 - Make Payment
Rs 1,600 - Make Payment

After the payment, please update the details in website.

Note: Group entries refer to photo clubs, associations and other photo organisations. In order to get the special group entry fee offer, the group secretary should send member list to circuit.vintage@gmail.com before the registration of each member. Each group member should register individually, and upload images in his personal profile. The organiser would send a general invoice to the group secretary or authorised person , which once paid, status would be automatically reflected as ‘paid’ in all member profiles.

  • Entries will not be considered until full payment is complete. We are unable to give refunds.
  • 10% discount for group entry (must be more than 10 participants).
  • Once payment received, the payment status in your profile would be updated.

For any communication and salon related correspondences you may contact SALON CHAIRPERSON.

Salon Chairperson
Mobile: 9480427376, 9969006867, 9433095305
Email: circuit.vintage@gmail.com

Rules & Regulation PDF file Download